Saturday, 7 January 2012

"Low Hanging Fruit" - Scots Covenanters (part 2)

January 8th and one of the elements of my plan for the year is complete. I decided to take the plunge on January 2nd and launched into what was left of my 15mm Scots Covenanters. This comprised a unit of lancers, a unit of cavalry, some frame guns and crews and a couple of stands of generals. The last of them (plus some retouching of the original units finished last year) was completed this morning.

Whilst sorting out these guys I also came across a generic set of resin fortifications - earth ditches with wooden pallisades, designed for use with WRG frontage units, so I splurged some paint on these as well since they look like they'll work well for ECW improvised fortifications. I might think about building some gun emplacements that  will fit in with these later.

The other part of this task was to find the DBA variant rules and army lists that I picked up from peter Colbeck when he did his ECW campaign a few years back. This I have also done. Of course, reading army lists AFTER the army is complete is never a good idea, as I've realised I could really do with some light cavalry as well as the regulars and lancers. Of course i sold off a load of medieval Scots at Reveille and I recall there were some fugures in there that would have been ideal, so a double whammy! Anyway, at least the figures I do have are finished, the rules are located and ready to go and the army lists show that what I do have is OK to make  a couple of Scots DBA armies, or a single BBDBA army. I don't have a campaign set up ready to go, but perhaps a peruse of the Warhammer Historical ECW book will give me some ideas.

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