Friday, 27 January 2012

German 2 Seaters

One of the Avon Flight gamers at the mall sent off an order to Shapeways just before New Year and I added a few planes to those that he was sending for. They arrived last week and I've just finished the first three. The subjects this time are three mid and late war German 2 seaters.

First up, a Hannover CL.III. No lozenge decal paper (I'm not that keen on it anyway) so a hand painted scheme similar to my earlier Siemens Schuckert single seaters.

Next, an earlier machine, an Albatros C.III. The slightly rough finish of the model coupled with the streaky nature of the Revell paint I was using gives it that varnished wood look.

Finally and DFW C.V. Quite a "chunky" aircraft this one

Pilots and gunners were a mix of Peter Pig and Riviresco. Fitting the pilots especially was a pain, and on reflection I could have done a better job of building up the gunners ring on the Hannover. But overall I was pretty pleased with the way these turned out.

Two more in the paint shop at the moment and they should be done tomorrow. Something a bit unusual this time......

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