Monday, 12 August 2019


Whilst I was thinking about storage for my new BSG/Buck Rogers fighters I got thinking about how some more "targets" (aka "vessels in need of escort") wouldn't come amiss. Some hunting around on Thingiverse and a few hours of printing later.....

The model is based on the Senators' Shuttle from Star Wars but has been modified by "Snickett" to act as a typical ship's launch or cutter in the Traveller RPG setting, so it also makes an ideal shuttle for use in my BSG/BR games (and might also work for X Wing). 

If anyone wants to try  the model out you can find it here:  


  1. Liking that...this 3D printing malarkey is pretty good!

  2. Quite nice targets. Big, slow, unarmed...

  3. Excellent blog David. I've just spent the last two days reading back through it. So many quality posts!