Thursday, 1 August 2019

INWarD 2019

The start of a new month means that it is only 6 days until INWarD 2019, the International Naval Wargames Day. To be honest I'm nt sure what my INWarD game will be this year, th 6th is a work day so I may try to get one in early at the weekend (that said it is also the IPMS model and wargaming show at Thornbury and I'm there all day doing Wings of Glory - but I guess I could break out the CMBs and we could run an air/naval game). The alternative is something on the 7th as I may be having a well-earned day off (assuming I don't go for a day trip to the Mach Loop.....)

Whatever happens, INWarD should be a fun day for naval wargamers around the world - even if it does start and end a day or two either side!

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