Saturday, 29 July 2017

International Naval Wargames Day - Next Weekend

Next weekend is International Naval Wargaming Day**. Sunday August 6th is the day when naval wargamers all around the world celebrate the birth of naval wargaming and that of Fred T Jane. Looking at my forward plan its likely that I'm going to be playing a few solo AoS and pre-dreadnought games as I playtest a couple of new sets of rules - anything more elaborate is unlikely as I expect I'll be busy with Family/Horse taxi duties, but I should be able to get those important games squared away.

So, for those readers here who enjoy something naval (and I'm guessing that is quite a few of you) get yourself a game organised, solo or with friends and let the world know via your blogs, on Facebook, on TWW, TMP and other wargaming sites what you got up to :)

Cod War action from the recent Naval Wargames Weekend - HMS Mermaid escorts a Hull trawler in Icelandic waters

As an aside, readers could be forgiven for thinking that I've been a bit lax recently on the wargaming front. But in the last few weeks I've completed a host of new 15mm Russian Front models, kicked off a couple of new rule projects, spent an inordinate amount of time renovating horse jumps and doing other horsey stuff as well as having a very busy - and ultimately incredibly frustrating - time at work. So I do have an excuse for not having taken some happy snaps of the new arrivals and posted here. Anyway, its INWD next weekend, the Thornbury IPMS show the weekend after than and then I will catch up, as well as kick off the second half of the 2017 "Plan".

 **It is actually the inaugural INWG this year - having seen various other "niche" wargaming areas having similar activities I thought it was about time that the Senior Service had its time as well 😃


  1. I'll have to think of something to do? Nice idea!

  2. Excellent idea, it might prompt me to get my finger out..

  3. I can't on the 6th itself! However, I have an Age of Sail game planned for August 20.

  4. I'll be out of the country, but I'm planning to get some Harpoon going again once I'm back.

  5. I will be participating, but probably as a solo player. I did put up a blog post to help spread the word!

  6. Capital Idea!
    I will spread the word, and make sure to post a game on my blog.