Saturday, 15 July 2017

Attack 2017

The "Attack" show in Devizes is one of my favourite shows of the UK circuit. Its not too far from home and I usually get to meet many of my wargaming friends from Wiltshire and other places ar-flung from God's Own County of Gloucestershire. This year was no exception and I managed to catch up with quite a few old (and some new) friends. I also had a good time helping out with the Wings of Glory participation game - this time managing 4 "kills" over the day which is rather better than usual :)

This show was also notable since it was the first show I've ever been to where I could feed a guinea pig!

Anyway, here's a few shots from the show. Alas I didn't have time to take more.

Annie the Dice Bag Lady had brought her poorly guinea pig Nadia to the show, since she needs regular attention and feeding whilst she recovers from an operation



  1. Looks like a great show. I'm going there tomorrow so looking forward to seeing the big Wings of Glory game and the very realistic guinea pig model! ;-)

  2. I haven't been to Attack for a few years...looks like I've been missing out!

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