Tuesday 18 April 2017

Mediterranean Encounter (2)

Somewhat later than planned due to various equine shenanigans, here's the brief conclusion to the Renaissance galley action that I played out recently. As the previous post ended the Turks had given the Holy League light forces a real beasting and many ships had been sunk or captured. In the centre the Holy League heavies were enjoying more success, but their commander had a tough choice to make - fight on and risk total loss, or try to extricate what was left of his force.

Of course he chose the former, and it proved to be the right thing to do. The Turks managed to finish off the lighter galleys on the flanks, but in  the centre the heavy artillery of the galleasses scored some critical successes against the Turkish great galleys which left them vulnerable to their Christian opponents. In short order the Turkish centre collapsed. The Turkish admiral, realising his light forces were now at a disadvantage, decided to withdraw with his prizes and captives, and so the wings of his fleet headed for safety, easily outrunning the surviving Holy League fleet which now clustered around the lumbering galleasses. After another 12 phases (2 complete game turns) I judged that the Turks had successfully disengaged, their heavy ships mauled but their lighter forces still posing a significant threat, especially once their prizes could be refitted and turned against their former owners. But a tactical victory for the Holy League who held the field of battle al the close.

I was very pleased at how the rules played out, with the various mods and tweaks of the last few months resolving the last few inconsistencies and niggles that I had. Now to spruce up the formatting and put together a short QPS and they are done :)

Turkish light forces on their left flank decide to make a run for it as their centre falls apart.

The scene at games's end, Holy League heavies in the centre, Turkish light forces heading for the hills....



  1. Very nice...quite a spectacle!

  2. David,
    What ever happened with Christian Fire Turkish Fury?