Friday, 28 April 2017

Cannon, Cross and Crescent

I’m pleased to announce the release on Wargame Vault of my latest naval fast play set of rules, “Cannon, Cross and Crescent”, which covers Renaissance galley warfare. They are based on my previous “Lanterna” set from many years ago, updated and expanded with new ship types, additional rules and improved detail. I'm currently working on a campaign system, and I'll be supporting the rules with some freebie scenarios as I did with "Lord of the Sea".

The main rulebook can be yours for the princely sum of five British pounds :)–LFG004

The rules have been written very much with 1/1200 models in mind, so ideal if you have fleets from Navwar or some of Rod Langton's lovely models. However, they can be used with larger models by doubling movement and ranges, or with smaller models such as the Tumbling Dice 1/2400 range by using centimetres in place of inches. The rule book comprises 22 pages and includes movement and gunnery templates, and a Quick Play / Fleet Data sheet which holds a precis of the most commonly used rules and an area in which a fleet commander can record the ststs of the ships in their fleet, rather than having to refer out to the rulebook in the heat of battle.


  1. I picked a copy yesterday David. Well done! Looks like a good fast play set of rules. I like what I've seen. You've got me thinking and I'm lookin forward to your supplements.