Monday, 5 September 2016

Odds and Ends

Hectic events in "real life" mean I've not had much time for modelling recently, so what I've done has been mostly just "odds and ends". But some focus was generated by a game this last weekend at the Abbey Wood Irregulars where a Cod War game was run using my rules (available on the NWS website) . I spotted some handy markers on Angus Konstam's blog from when he ran the game recently and decided to make my own using sculpted sea bases and those handy drawing pins with round coloured heads. 

I also found the old Nimrod (in 1/700) and Fokker F.27 (in 1/600) that I bought years ago to supplement the game; whilst the played no formal part in the game on Saturday they did look nice!

Also recently finished, three 1/1200 cogs from Outpost Wargame Services. These were painted in the black hull / red sails scheme of Jeanne de Clisson,a  noted French woman pirate who, following the execution of her husband by King Philip, terrorised French shipping in the English Channel for many years.

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