Monday, 8 August 2016

Another Win at Thornbury

In what is becoming an August tradition I once again lifted the trophy for "Best Participation Wargame" at the IPMS show at Thornbury yesterday. This year I was back with the Wings of Glory Aerodrome, the game that won the award in the first two years (I broke the Aerodrome run last year by inning with my "Stingray" game). As usual a fun day out with plenty of games played and for once I managed to shoot down a few opponents whilst not losing a plane myself!

The rest of the show was its usual collection of modelling loveliness, and I snapped some of the models that I enjoyed the most. Here's a selection.....

At the end of the day worrying developments were spotted at the Wings of Glory game. what is this we see tucked in to Chris' "Wings" box of essentials?

Closer examination reveals the truth.....

Dice in the diceless game!! Shocking :)


  1. First it's the Brexit and now this!
    The emminant British philosopher and poet J Lydon was right, truly there is "anarchy in the UK for you and me"

  2. Yesterday was my first visit to the show...I actually moved to Thornbury last week. I took the kids in the afternoon and we were very impressed with both the size of the show and the games and models on display. Look forward to visiting again next year.

  3. Dice? Dice?! I'll bet you needed a restorative brandy or two after that shocking discovery :)

    Congrats on the win :)