Sunday, 10 July 2016

Coastal Defences

Some Brigade Models sea forts have been sitting on the shelf in their packing looking at me for a while, so over the last week or so I've been slowly painting them up and they are just about done now. The models are resin with some details in white metal. The surface finish of the resin seems a bit rough on initial inspection but they paint up very well, giving very respectable results. I'm extremely pleased with them and I think I'll be adding to my collection when I see them hopefully) at Colours in September.

The forts of Portsmouth, two incarnations of Southsea Castle in the foreground, two versions of No Mans land Fort at the back (one as built, the second with the five turrets as originally designed), St Helen's Fort in the middle and Spitbank Fort to the right

Southsea Castle, 1544 to the left, 1850 to the right

A closeup of St Helens and Spitbank, the former modelled at an intermediate tide (the rocks surrounding the fort are completely covered at high tide)

No Mans Land in its two versions - I may get a second "as built" to give me all of the models for the seaward defences as in the 1850s

Moving to the American Civil War, this is Fort McRee with an added scenic base

The landward side of Fort McRee

Fort Moultrie, a lovely casting that has obvious utility outside the Civil War era


  1. Excellent looking forts David. My wife and I had close of views of Southsea and Nomands Land last month. We took the fast Cat from Portsmouth to Ryde, giving us an excellent view. We've also spent several weeks in Bembridge, very close to St Helens.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Very nice...I particularly like the way you've based them and the subtle shades.

  3. In my other guise, like Peter, I like to sail and visited St Helen's on my boat last summer..

    ...lovely models..