Saturday, 18 June 2016

Odds and Sods

Modelling wise the last couple of weeks has been rather sparse, and then only finishing off various odds and sods. The main completions were a couple of 1/600 ACW models from Toby Barrett's Thoroughbred Models and the ships for my 1/600 River Plate game at the Naval Wargames Weekend (now only a couple of weeks away!)

CSS Alabama

 CSS Atlanta

 As usual I'm highly impressed with the detail and ease of construction of Toby's fine models. I think they came out OK.

The 1/600 River Plate models are just about done. I've attached some ensigns to the British ships. The German ensigns I printed have gone walkies so I need to redo those and add them later this week. I may stick some more on the RN ships having seen "Battle of the River Plate" again last night and been reminded of Exeter "dressing ship" :)


  1. All very nice indeed but the Alabama is beautiful!

  2. Lovely job on the Thoroughbred ships...looking really nice!

  3. What is your recipe for the sea shade on your bases?

  4. The bases are roughly sculpted polyfilla (the ready mixed stuff in the "toothpaste tube"), simply painted sea blue/grey that has been watered down a bit and then dry brushed white. Its dead simple but I think looks rather nice