Monday, 20 June 2016

Confederate River Defence Fleet

Keen naval gamers will recall that Phil Ireson (Wargamer6 on TMP) produced a lovely set of ships in 1/1200 covering the fleets that fought at the battle of Riachuelo. Well he has turned his attention to the American Civil War and come up with a set of eight models also in 1/1200 covering the Confederate River Defence Fleet at the battles of Plum Point and Memphis.

The complete set

Phil has sent me photos of this new selection of models and in the next few weeks I'm hoping to get a set. As with his earlier models they look rather lovely, nicely detailed and full of character. I shall report more fully when they arrive, but for now here are the pictures that Phil sent.

General  Sterling Price 

General Bragg

The models are cast in resin with white metal fittings. The complete set will be available for £36 plus £2 &P in the UK (I don't know about postage overseas)

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