Sunday, 13 March 2016

WMMS 2016

Today I headed to the midlands for the WMMS show in Wolverhampton. It is a jolly, friendly show made notable for the annual sounding of the fire alarm and everyone trooping into the car park. At least this year it was sunny and warm out there, and the alarm was cleared in double quick time :)

As usual I was helping out with the "Wings of Glory Aerodrome" participation game, which also had an added "Sails of Glory" table. As is often the case a slow start, but once us gamesrunners start to play the punters come out of the woodwork and we played several very active games of each. Good fun as usual.

I had a short(ish) shopping list and came away with a small pile of goodies, including a copy of "Bloody Big Battles", a stash of Zvezda german and Russian trucks and some Peter Pig kubelwagens and infantry to round out my Eastern Front "Skirmish in the Snow" setup (of which more in future posts). I also made a purchase at the Bring and Buy which brought back memories from 30 years ago :)

It was also good to catch up with some old friends, especially Steve Blease who I haven't seen for ages - good news from him on the growth of Hysterical Games and some other things which the world may hear of one day :)

There were some lovely games on display this year, and also some nice kit from the local WW2 re-enactors (this year their 37mm anti tank gun tripping hazard was replaced with a rather nice motorbike on a trailer)

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  1. I love the motorcycle and the German jet bomber model is interesting. Looks like you had a good time!