Sunday, 22 June 2014

Naval Wargames Weekend 2014

I've just got back to Shrivenham after day 2 of the Naval Wargames Weekend. As in the last four years the event has been held at the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower now part of the National Museum of the Royal Navy). This year's show was in some ways smaller than 2013 and alas the "sleepover" element of the show is no more after a late-breaking museum policy change, but we still had a great time and some excellent games were presented.

Centrepiece of the show was Mark Barker and the Inshore Squadron with Trafalgar in 1/1200. This was quite simply awesome. Pictures do not do it justice. This game was also notable for having a Powerpoint presentation running in the background.

NWS regulars Wayne Pocock and Andy Jose fought out the battle of Tsushima in 1/2400 using Naval Thunder

George Street (accompanied by his absolutely gorgeous hearing dog) put on another Naval Thunder game, also in 1/2400 but using European ironclads form the 1860s to the 1880s. Very colourful!

Mark Backhouse and the Solent Wargamers ran different games each day. Saturday saw Mark's popular "Bread and Circuses" Roman dockside skirmish in 28mm using "Saga" rules - loads of fun and very popular.

On the Sunday the action moved to the Mississippi in 1862 with the battle of Plum Point, using the "Sail and Steam Navies" rules. Lovely terrain which was very quick and simple to assemble and looked extremely good.

Jim Wallman brought his Armada participation game. Fought out using his "Felicimma Armada" rules and using an eclectic mix of ships the aim of the game was for the English players to carve into a portion of the Armada and carry off booty whilst avoiding the gunfire (and the even more dreaded boarding) of the Spanish fleet. Loads of fun, notable for Jim entertaining a mother and her children with the game, all of whom enjoyed it, and a certain blogger who shall remain nameless rolling 23 on 4d6 when determining how much booty had been "liberated" - said blogger then legged it back to Plymouth for tea and medals (and a knighthood!)

Peter Colbeck staged a couple of games set off the coast of Tierra Del Fuego as Chile and Argentina squared off over the Beagle Channel dispute. the Chileans (quite correctly) emerged victorious on both days :)

Finally, Simon Stokes ran the NWS "Hunt for the Konigsberg" game from this year's Salute. Vert simple terrain (lichen on a sea mat) which looked great! Also some lovey 1/1200 models and a very exciting and fun game, enjoyed by all who played it.

 So, another couple of days of naval fun, and just about everyone looking forward to the 5th Naval Wargames Weekend in Gosport in June 2015 :)


  1. I completely forgot about the NWS show this weekend!


    Looks like it was a great event with loads of really well designed and presented games.

    Thanks for the photos and the write up.

  2. Very nice- I'll add it to my 'one day I'll make the trip' list....

    ...hopefully not too far away.



  3. Great looking tables, very impressive!