Friday 20 June 2014

6mm ECW

Just at the moment I'm away on a rather interesting training course at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham. ne of the people I've met here in John Salt, a name that will be familiar to many wargamers. John advised me of the existence of the DA Wargames Club so after  hard day's lectures earlier this week I wandered down to the old Theatre and met up with the gamers there. And what a nice bunch of chaps! I ended up playing in a 6mm English Civil War game that is part of the club's continuing campaign.

My relief column on the road....

As my compatriot's force stands firm in the next village

As it happened my command (a Parliamentarian relief column seeking to rescue the baggage train of a friendly force) didn't quite make it into contact by the end of the game and the baggage escort managed to fight off their assailants anyway, but it was a fun game and the home-grown rules that the club is developing worked very well and "felt right". They would also work fine with 15mm figures on 40mm frontage bases, as all my ECW stuff just happens to be. I came away with a copy of the rules and 'm now on their mailing list. So I might well be giving these a spin with my PP figures when I get home.

Melee around the baggage train. 

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  1. Nice to see some ECW and 6mm for a change! Neither particularly fashionable these days. I've got opposing ECW armies based for DBR in a box somewhere. DBR seemed to work quite well for us and the scenarios in De Belis Civile (published by Keep Wargaming/WRG?) were very good. Must get them out again plus all that 6mm scenery I made... cheers WW