Friday, 18 October 2013

Lack of Focus

I must admit, as I look from the mess that is my wargames table across at my modelling bench, that I'm suffering from a bit of a lack of focus just now. From here I can see, in various stages of completion:

  • A 28mm "posse" for our local club's western gunfight games
  • Several Airfix 1/76 British and Japanese tanks for my Burma project (which wasn't eve  a glimmer in my eye a couple of months ago)
  • Half a dozen 1/1200 ACW ships and ironclads
  • A 15mm LCM being converted into a riverine assault craft for AK-47
  • Eight 1/600 WW2 coastal models, just picked up on Ebay for peanuts
  • Two 1/144 Siemens Schuckhert D.III fighters
  • A scratch built space station for War Rocket
  • Thirty two 15mm Bashi Basouks
I can't help thinking that I ought to get at least one project finished!!!!


  1. Ha a common problem my friend. I spent the majority of last weekend recleaning my work bench as well as my gaming room so I can start working on projects as well as have space to clean. Now all projects a neatly arrayed in drawers and the current one on the bench. Most importantly my game room is neatly organized with all the tubs gone so I can set up tables easily. We will see how long it lasts. :)

  2. Sorry, 28mm?!!! Who are yu and what have you done with the real DM?!!!

  3. Do the LCM...I bet that will look great once it's finished and will put the wind up the opposition!