Friday, 9 September 2011

Finished At Last!

I've been suffering with a bad cold recently, but I was able (through the haze of reddened eyes and lemsips) to finish off drybrushing a brace of Thoroughbred mortar schooners. when I'd done that i realised that I had at last painted up all of my collection of 1/600 ACW naval models and associated scenic "bits". This called for a fleet review, and so here they are arrayed in all their glory!

For a project that started off as a sideline centred on one specific battle, it certainly turned into a big job! its not entirely complete yet. I still have to add flags to most of the ships, but at least the painting side is done.

Must be time for another order to Bay Area Yards :)


  1. I´ll second that WOW!!!

  2. ...and then he quickly hid it from the wife before she saw it and put it on eBay! :-)

  3. Very nice.

    How many armies/fleets start as one-offs and whims I wonder?

  4. A very impressive sight! Which model maker is your favorite for 1/600 ACW naval?