Friday, 12 February 2021

Turtle Ships - Fleet Action Style!

Having got my regular Imjin War rules done and dusted I've been thinking about a "fleet action" set, after seeing various comments about the new Tumbling Dice range in 1/2400 and how they would work well on bases with multiple ships.  It should be simple enough to meld "Inferno and Glory" with the ship stats and period detail of "At The Height of Battle" and so I've started testing, although I am likely to use the more "free form" approach to squadron formations in "Lord of the Sea" as it should allow me to better represent the fighting style of the Korean and Japanese fleets.

To get an idea of what they'd look like I've been playing with some 3D models in combinaton on 40mm bases, and I quite like the look of them. I expect the TD models will look similarly nice when mounted that way. 


  1. I was tempted by the 1/2400th ones, but I think I'll hold out for the 1/1200th range, and add them to my Galleys & Galleons lineup. Not really interested in big fleet actions, but they'll be nice for some squadron fights and some hypothetical actions against the Dutch and Portuguese.

    1. Actually I had an idle thought that Galleys and Galleons wold abstract a base of ships as one 'ship' fairly happily, allowing lots of physica models but still only a handful of actually playing pieces.

  2. I'm very interested in seeing what you come up with David...I think the multiple based ships look great.

  3. Does anyone have an idea of how much the 1/1200 models will cost?