Thursday, 6 June 2019

1/600 Romanians

Latest models off the stocks (or rather off the printer) are the core of my new Romanian flotilla in 1/600. An interesting mix of Vosper, BPB and MAS boats with a trio of MFPs in support. There are also three Kriegsfischkutter to complete the set (plus an extra one due to the arrangements I used when I was printing) plus a larger 1/300 "mother hen".

Also tucked in there are a couple of 1/300 MFPs, so far these are the largest 3D prints that I've attempted. I was most impressed with the skills of the modeller, the detail in the weapons is awesome (so good in fact that the 1/600 models have problems with the extremely fine barrels.


  1. The models look great. Being able to just print up the needed ships sounds pretty nice. It makes me want to buy a 3D printer (almost).

  2. Great models ... and a very compelling arguement for 3D printing. If only I had the money, the space, and the skill!

    All the best,


  3. Hi David,
    Well done on the 3D Printer models- amazing results.
    I've left a message on a previous STINGRAY Post and am wondering if you'l be presenting more STINGRAY games soon- I like what you have done with STINGRAY. Cheers. KEV.