Sunday, 8 July 2018

INWarD 2018

Only 4 weeks to go until INWarD 2018, the International Naval Wargames Day, when naval wargamers around the world join in mortal combat to celebrate the birth of the founder of naval wargaming, Fred Jane.

I'm planning to run either a modern or WW2 coastal game, either way something set in the Baltic (I need to make use of the craft I've recently been working on, after all), but I'm interested to hear what other naval gamers are planning as well.


  1. I have some plans in the pipeline for Jasmund / Rugen 1864...if I get my act together that is?

  2. Russo- Japanese War for me using the Tumbling Dice ships.



  3. Well as someone (no names ��) has asked me to playtest a set of ww2 rules I shall be doing that.

  4. Hello

    While not really modern, i am planning to run an game or two of Medieval warfare in the Channel between a few cogs on each side. I did this a few years ago with my own rules that did not work out very well and so INWarD is a great impetus to streamline them and given them another go. Will end up on my blog as an AAR (as did my last naval battle).