Friday, 2 June 2017


In amongst preparing fr next week's big game ** I've been finishing off a couple of Zvezda Jagdpanthers that I bought from the local model shop a couple of weeks ago. The Jagdpanther is one of my favourite vehicles of WW2, probably because I had a lovely model of one when I was a youngster (the old Matchbox model, I saved up for weeks, bought one from the local newsagents (remember when newsagents sold plastic kits?) and my brother then took it off me and made a lovely job of building and painting it for me - it was a treasured centrepiece of my 20mm German WW2 collection for many years until the lot vanished).

Anyway, Zvezda's recent release is a lovely model, nicely detailed and easy to put together. Its a snap-fix model, but as always I used MEK to glue the pieces together permanently. I added "clutter" to both, side skirts to one and a commander figure from an old PSC kit to the other. Both were then "winterised" to fit in with the rest of my 15mm collection. I'm really rather pleased with these, they bring back happy memories of my old Matchbox model. No doubt they will be as successful at plinking Shermans and T-34s as the original :)

** what is this big game I hear you ask? You'll just have to wait ans see. But a clue - we really should have been doing it this weekend.......


  1. Looking great...nice winter scheme, very subtle. I had a Jagdpanther too but mine was an Esci one, bought in the local shop as well!

  2. That is a nice model (and very nicely painted) and good to see the Zvezda track detail improving.

    The German training manuals said that this vehicle should stand-off at 1500 - 2000 metres to engage, but where is the fun in that!

  3. Nicely done, I like the extra stowage detail it brings this little model to life.

  4. Very nice model. Great paint job too ...and I still have my old Matchbox Jagdpanther!
    cheers WW

  5. That is a nice model (and very nicely painted) and good to see the Zvezda track detail improving.
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