Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 - The Plan

The new year is but a few seconds old, but here’s the plan for 2017. In true civil servant style, fully analysed and costed (and likely to go horrendously over budget and/or be tossed out the window at some point!)

Renaissance Galleys

I will continue to revise my squadron level rules, then work on the fleet action set to bring them to the same standard, and finally a campaign system catering for both fleet and squadron level games. No specific terrain or other bits and pieces needed except maybe an ornate fortification or two, and no need for any new models (any odds and sods I find to be finished off though). As a “stretch” target I may sort out some of my Valiant Armada era models as suitable Mediterranean roundships or visiting English and Dutch raiders.

Fast play 19th Century

Continue to develop the rules for pre-dreads and WW1. Possibly develop a set of ship stats and a campaign system for the pacific War between Chile and Peru (probably sits best with” Broadside and Ram”. Look to push the B&R system back to cover the 1850s, possibly earlier.

WW2 Eastern Front Skirmish

Now “Winter Skirmish” as I have a US Army to finish, so the objective here is to sort out the Americans, knock up the requisite play aids for Operation Warboard and then get some games in. Also, sort out a few more terrain bits and pieces (slushy tracks, icy rivers and a European farmhouse based on the old Airfix La Haye Sainte, one of which I have kicking about somewhere.

Form Line of Battle

Yes, I WILL get some 1/450 xebecs and galleys sorted out

Iron and Fire

I have uncovered some more 1/1200 models (plus there’s some new ones from Pithead to do) so aiming to get these all finished. Then to embark on a programme to pre-generate ship cards in I&F format for all my models

Coastal Forces

As last year, I intend to spruce up my existing 1/600 collection and get a few games in. A stretch target will be to revise my fast play 1/1200 rules.

Other Bits and Pieces

There is the distinct possibility that I may be involved in running a 75th anniversary Battle of Midway game

The Naval Wargames Weekend – I’m thinking “Stingray” and “Thunder Boats” this year. Possibly “Mad Max on Water” if I get time to find and sort out the models

Burma Skirmish is an ever present reminder of long term plans that don’t get anywhere so I may well push on with this. Mainly infantry to sort out here, and the Matchbox Japanese are already painted. 

I’d like to get my 28mm Roman racing chariot finished, and then get the BV club chaps to run some more games

 I’d like to finally finish off the 15mm old English inn that Liz and I started making about 25 years ago. The roof has remained unfinished for 23 of those 25 years. If I could get that done it would be an ideal centrepiece for my 15mm ECW collection

And I’d quite like to get some DBA, Fire and Fury and Napoleonic Fire and Fury games in too (oh, and my Sudan game too – been in the box for far too long!). 


  1. Looks like you've got a good bunch of projects to keep you out of mischief!

    Happy New Year! :)

  2. Some interesting stuff to keep you busy. I'm a big fan of Form Line of Battle so will look out for that especially.

  3. A plan you say. I love it when a plan comes together.