Sunday, 20 November 2016

Warfare 2016

I spent yesterday at the Warfare show in Reading, one of my favourite shows of the year. This time I felt some of the "fizz" of he event was missing (along with some of the traders that I'd expected to see there), and there was little on the trade stands that excited me (with one exception, but that'll have to remain a secret for a few weeks yet). The B&B was good though and i picked up a set of Waddington's "Formula 1" game which for me is a trip down memory lane - it was one of our regular family Sunday afternoon games and, whilst this one was a reprint and not the original, it still feaures the lovely car dashboards and plastic racing cars; I'll probably merge this set wit our very battered original copy at some point.

Where Warfare did a grand job was in the games. As usual I was fronting up with the Wings of Glory aerodrome where we got in several games and had a great deal of interest from the public - just a shame that no-one at the show was selling the game. Anyway we played through three games (or was it 4?) and I managed to shoot down 4 enemies of the Queen whilst only being shot down once myself.

 Of the other games on display there were many lovely examples. the high spots for me were the lovely 28mm "Chain of Command" game set in the winter of 1944, the "Minions" racing agme and the Tring wargamers "Schweinfurt" bomber game.

A selection of photos from those games and others below:

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  1. One thing I found was that it felt odd to have all the PP games at the far end. It would have been better to perhaps have them all along one wall (as far away from competition gaming as possible!)