Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Almost Ready for River Plate

The next Naval Wargames Weekend is only a few weeks away and I'm a bit behind in my preparations what with one thing and another distracting me just now. But I have managed to finish the models for my 1/600 River Plate game which we'll be running on the front lawn (assuming its not raining!)

Exeter was a convrsion from a few years back when I first planned to run this game. The others are all made from restored old models that I've salvaged over the years, so they are lacking somewhat in bits and bobs and up close they look rather rough. But from a short distance they look the part and I'm hoping they'll put on a good display at the event. I may spruce them up with some battle ensigns in the next few days.

Now, on to make all the markers and other bits and pieces needed for the game!

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