Tuesday, 19 May 2015

First Run Out

After a few playtest sessions at home the Stingray game had its first "public" run out at the Berkeley Vale club. We played  a couple of games, both of which I would say were good "learning experiences".

In the first the Aquaphibians scored an easy victory. On reflection I think they scored an early lucky hit on one of the Stingrays and that skewed the result. But in any case it did point to a need to make the combat a bit more interactive, so we introduced the idea of an "evade" roll when a torpedo or missile enters the same hex as a target. We gave this a go in the second game, which turned into an easy WASP victory - the Stingrays becoming rather too adept at evading.

We didn't have time for a third game but I picked up enough ideas form the two games we did play to plot a happy medium in terms of an evasion rule (and an idea that a successful evade results in a proximity hit rather than a clean miss).

Other good thoughts on clarifying the order of play, improving damage control, simple record keeping, adding a few bits of "chrome" in terms of  heroic commanders, special effects, etc. oh, and a better way to keep track of who launched what missile!

Tune in next week** for another thrilling episode!

** weekly updates not guaranteed!


  1. Just as well you tried it "in the wild" before loosing it on the public :)

    It sounds as though you should have a good participation game for shows once bugs like these are ironed out.

  2. Good stuff...more of a Thunderbirds fan in my youth but Stingray is pretty cool too!

  3. Hope you can post the rules up eventually. I have my own Stingray set up for which I have used a modified version of the old warlords rules. I would be interested to see yours.

  4. I plan to post them as soon as I can. TBH I think they are almost "there" now :)

  5. Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbids........sigh.

  6. Thanks David. I look forward to gaming them. With two new sets of Stingray rules, there will be a resurgence of aquatic gaming around here!