Monday, 9 February 2015

Thunder Road

By now it is apparent that a pattern has emerged with regard to gaming at Berkeley Vale, in that we try something new to me, I knock up some models and then we NEVER PLAY IT AGAIN! not only that, but the subject in question isn't on my plan for the year and thus I'm hit with the "ooh, shiney" bug. Well its happened again, this time the subject is post-apocalyptic "Road Warrior" kind of stuff. We played Al's 20-odd year old, never played before copy of Thunder Road a few week back and now, thanks to Matchbox, Hotwheels and a pile of scrap bits and pieces I have the makings of  a nice little collection.

Its another opportunity to let one's imagination have fun, and no-one will be able to tell you that you've got the detail wrong :)

As hapens so many times in wargaming, Hobby Craft and Halfords are your friend, with lightweight metal gause making ideal mesh screens and corrugated cardboard just perfect for that "found in the scrapyard" applique armour look.

I have a bag of cars left to do, and I often take a look in the toy aisle when I'm doing the weekly grocery shop to see if there's any new cars or buggies that look useful. The main things I'm looking for just now are a bus and petrol tanker for a "Mad Max 2" finale kind of scenario. Oh and rules. Oh, and figures! (and an autogyro would be nice too!)

Any suggestions for those most gratefully received :)


  1. We play Machinas, which covers road-chases and races very well, although you need to (i) get the expansion decks to get the full range of car/driver traits and (ii) tweak it in a few places. It's from Two Hour Wargames and is a relatively cheap download :)

  2. Fantastic!

    I have similar moments of madness, which the club regulars are happy to go along with. I have some converted Hot Wheels for just this sort of thing and have used Axles and Alloys in the past, which is free and easy to use for multiplayer games.

    Car Lords and the old GW Battlecars (a great game!) would also work really well. In think you can download the latter for free? Outrider is also worth a look, although you need to print out the road templates and markers, so it's not really a pick up and play option.


  3. ...oh, and there are some excellent 15mm figures from The Scene, which would look OK if you added a suitably uplifting base.

  4. Try here for figures and bikes:

    The vehicles look great btw.



  5. Very cool! I've never been bitten by that particular bug, but those make me want have a go at some mad maxxing.

  6. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions everybody :)

  7. Road Wolf is nice for a quick and simple game of vehicle combat.

  8. Road Wolf is nice for a quick and simple game of vehicle combat.