Monday, 8 September 2014

Another Weekend of Odds and Sods

Various plans for outings fell apart this weekend but that did mean I got a chance to catch up with some painting. A real mixed bag this time, details of which I'll post over the next week or so.

The main thrust was on finishing off the Tumbling Dice 1/600 Lake Tanganyika models I picked up at Devizes. These are nice models, resin and white metal for the Graf von Gotzen and the generic tramp steamer (which I thought would make a good Belgian lake steamer, perhaps a bit large), white metal for the Kingani, Hedwig von Wissmann, Mimi and Toutou (although interestingly you get three of the British motor boats - handy if you lose one I guess)

They are very nice models indeed. Not as nice (or accurate) as the Northhead models from Shapeways but well done, nicely detailed and quite rugged apart from the masts which are quite flimsy (some care needed here to avoid bending them, but they do at least straighten out easily if you do have a mishap.

TD also sell a variety of small craft, lifeboats, skiffs, liferafts and other useful bits and pieces that I also picked up. They should be quite handy for use as auxiliary vessels in my lake steamer collection.

All in all a very nice selection of craft, very reasonably priced and ideal for use with my Lake Steamer Wars rules (gratuitous plug, available from Wargame Vault)


  1. Great looking boats! Tumbling Dice are just my favourite company for naval models - just the right amount of detail to paint up real nice, but without being too 'fiddly' or fragile.

  2. Just what are the smaller crafts' bases made of -blue chewing gum?

  3. Very nice. I could definitely make use of that tramp steamer for my narrow seas project!

  4. I was at Devises as well! Picked up a few ironclads from TD.