Monday, 30 December 2013

Odds and Sods

As usual the end of the year sees me finishing off various painting and modelling projects that stalled during the year. Or even in previous years. This year is no exception and in the last few days I've sorted out:

A number of 1/600 coastal craft
A couple of 1/600 models for my Lake Tanganiyka project
Four Shapeways 1/144 WW1 aircraft
Four 28mm "cowboys"
Ten 1/1200 medieval cogs
A Tau sniper team
Rebuilt 30+ broken Babylon 5 starship models and a handful of Full Thrust models
Finished a babylon 5 "Azimov" clas liner that I started 6 years ago (!)
Two 20mm M3 half tracks
 Repainted my collection of 15mm Vikings and added several stands of Peter Pig characters and captives

And I've just kicked off painting 32 Peter Pig Bashi Basouk cavalry (although I would not be surprised if they are still on the painting table this time next year!)

So, a busy few evenings. And still one more to go before 2013 comes to an end (although it is games night at the Berkeley Vale club tonight so little chance I think).

Tomorrow - the annual review of "The Plan"
Wednesday - The plan for 2014 :)

My posse for the Berkeley Vale western gunfight games :)

These are the new cogs from Ral Partha Europe. Very nice, and I may be getting a few more :)

A couple of Shapeways Morane Saulnier Ps

And a Shapeways Morane Saulnier BB - there should have been two, they only sent one. replacement coming :)

The Tau snipers. A snap buy on Ebay last January for a quid :)

I do rather like the Tau. Very businesslike compared with most 40K stuff :)

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