Saturday, 16 February 2013

Something Fishy!

A set of Cod War models on Shapeways and a chance remark on TMP and now here I am busy looking to adapt my "Cod War" rules for the Canadian-Spanish "Turbot War" of the mid-1990s. Yes, there really was one:

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Yes, back in 1994 Canada and Spain nearly came to blows over fishing rights on the Grand Banks. The EU staunchly backed the Spaniards, In true EU style the UK and Ireland came out in favour of the Canadians and for a while British and Irish fishing boats flew Canadian flags in sympathy with their friends across the Atlantic. Although the extent of the confrontation was fairly limited there is considerable scope for Cod War style "engagements" between the Canadian Coast Guard, Spanish (and other European) trawlers and OPVs of the Spanish Navy.

Provided I stick with the simple coast guard / trawler / OPV kind of "action" this should be fairly straightforward to do. Sourcing the models may be a bit more tricky without having to spend gazillions on something from Navis or another of the European 1/1250 collectors manufacturers. Still, its a challenge!

I'm also hoping that, since that nice Mr Decapod is making a couple of sets of Cod War ships to use with my rules for that conflict, that he might also decide to do some Japanese whalers and a Greenpeace ship or two - fingers crossed!

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