Sunday, 6 January 2013


Fresh off the painting table is the British Intervention Field Force, or "BIFF" as it is more commonly known. One of those shadowy units formed by the British Army in extremis during the 1930s, BIFF was tasked with protecting British interests in various small wars, insurrections and civil wars around the world. As its name suggests, BIFF would intervene for specific missions, frequently the extraction of UK and friendly nationals, or to secure assets of interest to the UK.

Actually I fancied raising a new force for my "not the Spanish Civil War" (NTSCW) collection, and I was inspired by the newly release Zvezda Matilda II and Matador truck. So, in keeping with my other NTSCW forces I've raised a couple of infantry companies with supporting artillery, field gun, HMG, mortar and anti tank rifle teams, and a nifty pair of early Carriers for the recce and spotter elements. The figures are a mix of Peter Pig WW1 and WW2 figures, vehicles from Skytrex, Zvezda, Peter Pig and QRF. I've always liked those nifty air recognition flags that the Germans draped over their vehicles in the early stages of WW2 so I thought something similar would be OK for BIFF - note also the CO's radio operator with a Union Flag flying from his aerial (I've been reading a  lot of Falklands material recently

I still have a few bits and pieces to do - some still in the post, but BIFF is now available and ready for tasking :)  And that is just about it for the NTSCW collection for a while, unless I decide to raise a similar but smaller German force (I was thinking paratroopers or a glider or 2), and the eagerly awaited T-35 from Zvezda.


  1. Nice work!

    Neat idea too..any thoughts on rules?

    AK47 perhaps?


  2. As it happens, yes :) Or at least Martin rapier's Mexicanski 36 variant.

  3. Impressive and very nice, great work!