Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fun for all the Family

Its Laura’s birthday weekend this weekend, I can’t believe she’s ten already. Anyway, after  a swimming party yesterday, a sleepover for her best friends and then bowling this morning, followed by a short Spanish Civil War game with her bestest friend Harry (vs. Dear daddy), Laura decided it would be good to wind down with a family game of WoW.

I broke out the Deluxe boxed set and Laura allocated the planes. I had the Dr1. She took the Spad, Philip flew the Camel and mum got the Albatros. A good spread – kids vs.  parents. The first few turns showed the effects of very little sleep, as we all made ludicrous “left/fight turn” errors and ended up all over the table. We loosed off furious snapshots as targets came into view, i for one was amazed how many “0” cards I drew (my Dr. 1 was rather lucky). But after a hard turning battle at the top of the table Philip and I found ourselves head to head at short range. I drew 0-0. Philip drew 5-BANG! “Foul” cries Laura, and subverted mummy into turning on me (girls vs. Daddy seemed quite attractive). Unfortunately mummy was in my 12 o’clock at the time and a short burst blew her out of the air as well.

Laura and I headed to the centre of the table for the final showdown, both of our planes staggering under heavy damage from previous encounters. I was perhaps inevitable that as we loosed off head-on shots at close range that both of us would succumb to our wounds at the same time. Laura of course claimed that her damage took out my poor Dr.1 a split second before her Spad went down J

All in all a jolly afternoon, and the kids are keen to get their revenge on Baron von Vater at the earliest opportunity. Now down to a quiet evening writing up Laura’s new SCW rules :D

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