Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Reinforcements at Suakin

My latest painting project has been to finish off a battalion of Indian troops to support my "Suakin Front" contingent. The figures are Old Glory 15s, my first foray into figures from this manufacturer (I bought a few packs via a friend in the US, so you'll be seeing more from OG in the coming weeks). The figures are sold in packs of approximately 50 (in this case 51), which works out well given that I need 18-24 figures for a battalion using the rules on which I'm currently working.

So, how do these chaps compare with the Peter Pig figures  that make up the bulk of my armies? The answer is, IMHO, fairly well, but Martin Goddard's figures have a clear edge. I'm not entirely convinced by some of the poses (especially the one apparently leaping into space from a rock), and the comand figure selection isn't that helpful - a standard bearer would have been a useful addition, so in the fullness of time I may convert one of the prancing figures.

That said, the figures are decent, fairly well detailed and paint up well. they are not as slight as PP's but I guess that plays to the fearsome repuation of the Indian troops - they are, after all, over ten feet tall old boy!

A severe lack of enthusiasm meant I only painted up half of the pack, so I have another battalion's worth left to do (and then some Sudanese). But first on the stocks to finish will be the artillery support for my Camel Corps - more of these chaps later!


  1. Thanks for posting those pictures - I'm after some Indian troops for my Sudan project as well, and I wondered how the OG would fit in with the Peter Pigs that form the majority of my project... I've been badgering Martin to add them to his Sudan range for years now! :o))

    Your guys look good - it also looks like you have the same base sizes as me - 30mm square?

  2. Yes, I'm using 30mm squares for infantry and cavalry (since I originally based for PITS) and 40mm square for high comand and artillery. Supply camels, markers and suchlike on pennies and 2p pieces.