Monday, 14 March 2011

This Weekend I Has Mostly..

... been working on an idea for a participation game that might be coming up in a few months. Its a naval game, but using Wings of War, so one side takes control of a couple of British 55' CMBs, the other side has  a pair of Hansa Brandenburg W.29s. I ordered the seaplanes from Riviresco a month or so back, and the CMBs arrived from Rod Langton on Saturday morning. As of now the planes are just about done, the boats undercoated and ready for a decent paint job. Details to follow in a few days when the project is complete.

Also on the stocks, in 1/600 I have the USS New Ironsides and a US paddlewheel gunboat to sort out (both from Thoroughbred), whilst in 20mm I've picke dup some decent desert stuff via Ebay, so there are a couple of Grants, Matildas, an '88 and tractor and a pair of Krupp protz trucks to spruce up.

No pics today though as the camera battery is flat and I forgot to recharge it.


  1. The participation game sounds interesting. Make sure you take lots of pictures of the game! I like the look of the Langton WWI ships, but I never thought I would find a good use for them.

    What sort of movement rules are you going to use for the CMBs? I'm just wondering since they would be so much slower than the floatplanes.

  2. I'm thinking that the boats would only move on one of the phases (probably the middle phase), but could shoot in all three. Details to follow as and when I get this project sorted :)