Friday, 25 March 2011

Out of Circulation

Not much happening on the wargaming front at the moment, as I'm in the wilds of Scotland conducting some trials. And no prospect of anything next week as I'm off to somewhere warm, sunny (and potentially quite loud) for next week. Having said that I'm whiling away a few hours sorting out rules, articles and other stuff on my laptop wilst I'm away. and it has given me a chance to "get back to nature" with some nice walks and drives in the country.

We begin our return home this evening - off to Fort William, and then a drive down through the Trossachs and past Loch Lomond to Glasgow to fly back Saturday lunchtime (I've not driven that route for over 25 years). With luck, able to finish off my 1/1200 USS Mississippi, CSS Gaines and CSS Morgan that evening :)

EDIT - as I write I've just realised that all the ACW painting I've done over the last few weeks means that I have met, in fact exceeded one of my targets for the year - yay me!!

1 comment:

  1. I recall that region being quite lovely actually (when I wasnt doing JMC that is!)

    And Huzzah! for one target down :-)