Sunday, 6 March 2011

Busy Weekend

This weekend was rather busy, what with philip's guitar lessons and footie, Laura's horse riding lessons, cat cuddling at the local animal rescue shelter and planting out a whole load of shrubs that SWMBO and Laura had bought. However, in between those I still managed to get a good deal done.

First up, some 1/600 ACW - CSS Governore Moore from Thoroughbred,

USS Lioness from Bay Area Yards (a lovely little stern wheeler), and a generic sidewheel transport from Thoroughbred.

And a Peter Pig sidewheel ferry, but this time done up as a generic European 20th century ferry for use with my 1/600 WW2 coastal forces games.

Terrain has been getting a look-in as well. I bought an Airfix "Forward Command Post" for the kids' WW2 project. A nice kit from my younger years, I recall this coming with a very nice vac-formed base. The latest Airfix offering doesn't feature the base so I used an old CD instead, with PVA and sand for basing material, and coffee stirrers cut up to make floorboards.

AK47 (the original edition) is on my "to do" list, so I also made some generic bits and pieces for that. the smaller one is made from corrugated cardboard from Hobbycraft and cut up drink stirrers, the large rone from foam core. and and twigs from the garden complete the scenes.

And finally another WOW repaint - my altar ego "The Black Hand" now has a Roland C.II for those days when a 2 seater is required.

There's also a couple of 1/600 WW2 coastal models on the workbench and a pair of Airfix Matilda IIs in the paint shop.

Rather worryingly though my camera seems to have picked up a "shadow" at the bottom.  I wonder what I can do about that.


  1. AK47 second edition (not the reloaded version) is a cracking game.

    My mate Jon and I have played some very enjoyable battles, mostly between the Force Action Rapide Terroriale of the Independent Republic of Nbuto and his Luamtan-Zumatan Alliance.

    There are some AAR's on my blog somewhere if you're prepared to dig back a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing what factions you come up with!

  2. Hi DM,

    Very nice indeed - loved the 1/600th and the Airfix forward command post. IIRC didn't they also do something similar for the desert?

    All the best,


  3. Blimey all that and family duties to boot! What are you on? Is it legal? And where can I get some?!! :-)

    Like the FCC a lot. Will nick that idea...

  4. @ Steve - I think its called insomnia :)