Tuesday, 1 January 2019

The Plan, 2019

Happy New Year dear friends, I hope you have all made plenty of New Year resolutions which of course you will all stick to. I have only one resolution - 1366 x 768 :)

Anyway, in time-honoured tradition, here are my plans for 2019 which I shall of course achieve fully, and will not get side-tracked by new periods, shiny things or other guff.

1.  Burma Skirmish and Eastern Front 15mm - I will finish off the USMC 20mm force, sort out a set of rules and then get some games in. as a stretch I'll sort out the extra Australian, Gurkha and Japanese troops I have uncovered

2. I will format and finish my WW2 squadron level naval rules and my WW2 coastal set, and at least get a working draft of my age-of-sail set completed.

3. "Action Stations" and "Iron and Fire" - I will complete a set of ship cards for both so that I can set up games from scratch more quickly

4. Stingray - as the NWS game for Salute this year I will renovate the game, add some new things I have been thinking about and generally get everything sorted for an excellent showing at ExCel

I'm only going for four main targets this year as I want to be able to focus. But I have a few "optional extras":

a) Sort out a 1/300 demo version of the new coastal rules. Nothing too fancy, just a few fast attack craft, gunboats and "targets"

b) Ensure that my elements of "project X" are up to scratch and ready to go once a suitable set of models are available

c) Review my 6mm "Fire and Fury" collection and get some games in. I shelled out for 2nd edition and the regimental rules last year, I damned well need to use them!

And finally, I promise I will try to get down to the club more often. And I'm hoping Alan will give me hell if I don't :0

Happy 2019 everyone