Friday, 1 June 2018

Si Vis Pacem

Today is the 102nd anniversary of the return home of the fleets from Jutland, and yesterday the anniversary of the battle itself. The occasion was marked with the release from LFG of "Si Vis Pacem", the fast play rules (developed by myself and Stuart Machin from my "Broadside and Salvo" rules) used in the Berkeley Vale Jutland refight (see the previous post), and Clash of Giants", the campaign material that Stuart put together initially for the NWS centenary game, but developed for the BV game.

SVP wasn't originally on the LFG plot, at least not for this year, but "Jutland in a Day" became something of a cause after the centenary game. That prompted my initial work on the subject and JIAD became a reality early last year as numerous battlecruiser actions were fought out in my campaign headquarters (ok, my shed). Stuart's enthusiasm for the rules saw them developed faster than I expected, culminating in the BV game last month. Stuart has done a grand job, especially on the campaign pack which will be of value to players of any WW1 naval rules, not just SVP.

As usual, both are available via Wargame Vault.


  1. Congratulations on the release. It looks like you'll be getting some more of my money!

  2. Maybe DANG will have a Jutland feel to it this year.... :)

    1. That is certainly a possibility. I've been trying to get people interested in a "Before Jutland"/Ddogger Bank game.