Thursday, 5 April 2018

Naval Wargames Weekend 2018

I have just been advised that  that the UK's Naval Wargaming Weekend will take place on June 30th/1st July. The venue this year has moved, and we will be at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, so at least one game that weekend will have a strong FAA/RNAS theme to it (I'm dusting off my "Wings of Glory" seaplanes, flying boats, coastal airships and Langton 1/200 coastal craft!)

There will be a small charge for participation to cover the hire of the facility in which the games will be played - £5 for one day, £7.50 for both. If anyone is interested in putting on a game please drop me a line.


  1. Good venue...a by too far for me though :0(

  2. Some day I'm going to make it to one of your Naval Wargame Weekends. It would be a treat to see the museum's Fulmar in person.