Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Dahlgren and Columbiad

My latest set of quick play naval rules have hit the streets - or at least the servers at Wargame Vault. "Dahlgren and Columbiad" is a set of ironclad rules aimed at battles in the American Civil War and the ironclad wars in South America. It is aimed at games involving a small handful of ships and so it compliments "Broadside and Salvo" which was aimed more at fleet actions such as Lissa. It comes with a range of representative ship data for the ACW and South American wars

Dand C is supported by two theatre-specific booklets.

"By River and By Sea" covers the American Civil War in more detail, with two campaign systems and comprehensive ship data for over 175 ships and classes of the Union and Confederate navies.

"War of the Pacific" is something I've been working up to for decades and comprises a campaign system, ship data and brief campaign history covering the War of the Pacific, 1879-1883 between Chile, Peru and Bolivia, and also with my “Iron and Fire” more detailed rules from A&AGE. Ship data for the complete Peruvian and Chilean fleets is provided. Having visited Chile in 1994 and stood on the decks of the Peruvian / Chilean ironclad Huascar this is the culmination of over 20 years planning, and something I'm rather pleased and proud of :)

The third element of this project is the Paraguayan War, or the War of the triple Alliance, which again will feature a campaign system and comprehensive fleet data. This is all set to tie in with the excellent range of 1/1200 models from Spithead.

All three are available from Wargame Vault for a fiver. Links below if anyone is interested.


  1. David I picked these up as soon as I got the notice from Wargames Vault - well done, they look excellent. Can you provide links to suppliers of Chilean/Peruvian ship models- I couldn't find the companies that you list in the rules.

  2. Drop a line to Spithead Models at vanilla55 at sky dot com and ask him for a copy of his lists

  3. HI Dave,

    I am using your War in the Pacific campaign setting via a digital platform for the campaign.

    I sent you an email a couple o days ago to an email address we used to communicate a number of years ago (5 or so). I don't want to put that email up here but could you let me know it got through to you please?

    It included a number of questions related to the campaign system.