Monday, 13 November 2017


My lack of posting might suggest that I've not been up to much recently, but that would be wrong. At present there are 1/3000 Spainsh American warships, 20mm Japanese ans Australian WW2 forces, a load of generic satellites for my SF spaceship gaming and several 1/1200 ACW forts on my wrk bench.

But recently completed were two 15mm IS-3 tanks from Zvezda to go with my WW2 Winter Skirmish collection. Its a lovely model, builds up very quickly and easily into the rather modern looking Russian classic. Some stowage and a grubby whitewashed paint scheme completes the models, with which I'm very pleased as they bring back happy memories of my 1/76 Airfix model (for which I rebuilt the turret since the rear shape was completely wrong).


  1. Like the snow camouflage..very effective. I need to get some of these for my AK47 dictatorship army. Not sure the snow camo would be so effective in Mbuto?

  2. Nicely done. The Zvezda snap together range is superb. Considering it is intended to support their board game system, we are lucky that they decided to do this with such good detail and accuracy.

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