Monday, 27 June 2016

Ebay Swag

My 1/600 ACW collection has enjoyed a boost with the arrival of a collection of ships via Ebay. A nice selection of rather well made models from Thoroughbred and Bay Area Yards, with one Italian "mystery ship" which looks like its based on the Duilio

Kearsarge and Alabama

Two unknowns from  BAY - any suggestions>

HMS Royal Sovereign (this one is a monster) and CSS Stonewall

And this rather unusual Italian turret battleship, which looks like the Duilio. Any clues as to the manufacturer?

Some of these are duplicates for models I already have, so the Kearsarge will become another of the Mohican class sloops, whilst the Stonewall will become the uncompleted CSS Cheops. Alabama will no doubt find herself in service as another Confederate raider, or maybe rerolled as a British cruiser if I can find something suitably similar.

Not bad for less than a fiver each :)


  1. I never see nautical listings on EBay that often!

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  3. I must say, it's only the second or third time I've seen this kind of thing listed this year

  4. Splendid ships, congrats!

  5. Hey David... Virtualscratchbuilder here. Your two mystery ships I think are not BAY ships. The one in the foreground appears to be USS Pawnee incorrectly armed and the one in the background appears to be USS Niagara. I make the masters for both of these for BAY and they do not match the BAY ships. They actually look like some scratchbuilds I made around 2000 and sold a couple years later. They were in one of the south-east US states for a while. Jackson Gamers I think. If they are balsa on the bottom they are my old scratchbuilds.