Sunday, 24 January 2016

Pre-Dread Plan Continues

The pre-dreadnought element of the 2016 plan continues apace. This week I've managed to get my German squadron sorted out (four battleships, four armoured cruisers, two protected cruisers) and the worktop currently has a mixed bag close to completion (two British armoured cruisers, three Italian ACs and a PC, two Chinese cruisers that I missed last week, a Greek cruiser and two French battleships). Next up will probably be my Turks and a host of generic torpedo boat destroyers.

On other fronts I've just about managed to get the next edition of Battlefleet completed for the NWS. This will also be my last as editor, a volunteer having come forward to take over. I wouldn't be surprised if I pick up the job again at some point in the future but not for a good number of years.

With Battlefleet done and dusted the only other big planning activity I have on now (apart from a "special project") is the Naval Wargames Show in Gsport, July 2nd and 3rd. There'll be more on this later, but we are shaping up to have another good selection of games there this year :)