Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rumble in the Jungle

One of the nice things about the Berkeley Vale club is that we get to play lovely looking games with great sets of rules. Most of the time.

Yesterday wasn't one of those times.

Last night's game was a modern African skirmish with a set of rules apparently being published soon. It looked lovely, nice crowded terrain, great buildings, figures full of character.

The rules were probably the worst set of skirmish rules I've ever has the opportunity to play. Bizarre mechanics, illogical activities, no "finesse", the best tactics to use were to line up and blaze away.

Alan indicates his view of the rules. Possibly scoring 1 out of 10?

Alas I didn't take note of the title of the rules otherwise I'd let you, dear readers, know so that you could avoid them in the (hopefully unlikely) event that they should ever be published.

But the game did look really, really nice**

** always end on a happy note :)

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