Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Minorcan Fortifications from Brigade

Brigade Models in the UK have increased their range of really useful historical fortifications with the release of a star fort and three fortified towers based on surviving historical examples on the island of Minorca (or Menorca). The large star fort is based on Castell de San Antonio, the three towers the Torre de Fornells, Castillo de Sant Nicolau iand the Torre Son Ganxo, They are part of Brigade's 1/1000 "Small Scale Scenery" range but they are ideal for use with 1/1200 models as well, so these will be doing service mainly with my Renaissance galleys and my AoS collection.

Detail on all the models is very crisp, and they paint up beautifully and very quickly. The fort is modelled in resin, the towers in white metal. They are also very reasonably priced, £5.50 plus postage will get you all four items. In short, a very useful set of additions to the range which have uses not just in the Mediteranean but would also be ideal in a Caribbean or South American setting to name but two.


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