Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bloody Big Battles

After the HFG experience at the weekend I fund myself at the Berkeley Vale club last night laying a Russo Japanese action in 10mm using "Bloody Big Battles". I'd not come across them before but they were described to me as "like Fire and Fury but with 2d6" so they sounded good (I do like a nice bit of F&F).

And so it proved to be. Whilst the detail is obviously different the basic mechanics of BBB are identical. Which was  a bit of a surprise but to be honest a nice one as we got into the game very quickly and had a blast. I suspect I had a better blast than Shaun and Alan since my defending Russians shot up the advancing Japanese on my right flank and at the end of the game I was advancing there whilst holding off the attacking horde to my left. That said the scenario could have done either with fewer Russians or more Japanese, so very much a "training exercise". The rules emphasise the "bloody" aspect, since close quarter combat is quite deadly.

I was very pleased with this set of rules and I suspect we'll be playing more of it in the future. It could also be the answer to my 6mm WW1 conundrum, where I've had a large colelction for over 20 years but still haven't found a set of rules I really like for them.

A look through the BBB Yahoo group file has uncovered a host of variants, in articular WW1 and the Sudan, so plenty of reading and food for thought there......

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