Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Joy of DBx

This weekend I have been at Peter Colbeck's place for his biennial wargames campaign weekend. This time the setting was the 30 Years War, with six armies (Sweden, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Saxony, Bavaria and the Spanish Netherlands) slugging it out for supremacy in Europe. In the end the Franco-Swedish-Saxon alliance was victorious, with the French taking the star prize. The rules in use were a cut down version of DBR. And a great time was had by all.

My Swedes hunkered down between a river and a deep gully, awaiting an attack from the Spanish. After  a long hard fought battle the team from Ikea emerged victorious

 And the great thing about this weekend was that it reminded me jus thow much I enjoy playing DBx games. I started DBA with 1st edition many years ago and have just about kept pace with developments to date (although I fear DBA 3 might be a step to far for me, at least to start with). Over the years I've collected many armies, starting with a Wars of the Roses army and now extending to several more medievals, Saxons, Vikings and Normans, Romans and Britons, Greeks, various arab types and, following Peter's ECW campaign a few years back, various ECW, Scots and other 17th century armies. Various specialty units, such as the Farleigh Hungerford contingent for my WotR collection from when we lived nearby in Trowbridge - now joined by a Berkeley contingent with our move to that area in 2012) And I remembered the DBA league games we used to play at Abbey Wood after hours, and other DBx campaigns that I'd been involved in or run. And I'm remembering wat a fun set of rule sit is and how ideal it is for quick games and one day campaigns.

I have a nasty feeling I'll be sprucing up my existing armies and working on some camps, baggage units and other "specials" in the not-too-distant future! I wonder if I can get the Berkeley crowd interested? :)

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  1. I really like the DBX rules as well. I usually didn't have trouble with the writing (unlike so many others), at least until DBMM 1.0.

    You picture shows one of my favorite things about the rules. Or rather, what is NOT shown. No paper chits, casualty dice or other disruptive visual elements. Just figs and terrain.

    Sadly, these rules have fell out of favor locally several years ago, albeit with the occasional game of HoTTs.