Sunday, 5 January 2014

Unexpected Progress

Despite my pessimistic view of the plan, the atrocious weather (which has disrupted my weekend outside schedule) coupled with Liz being glued to the TV most evenings has allowed me time to crack on and sort out these blasted Bashi Basouks that have been littering the lead pile and generally causing trouble for the last couple of years or so (I forget when Martin Goddard released these, but I bought some straight away and they've languished ever since - not unlike their real-life equivalents!).

Unlike previous PP mounted figures I've come across these are cast as one piece rather than horse and rider separately. I'm not sure if I like them this way, but they were certainly different to paint and I think they came up a treat. Despite there only being three poses the nature of their "uniform" helps to give the unit an irregular feel, and they should fit in nicely with their foot equivalents.

I also managed to finish off a pile of PP Spanich Civil War casualty markers that similarly have been hanging around unpainted for as long as I can remember. Next up - five 1930s biplane fighters for the "not the SCW collection" :)



  1. They certainly look good David. It's always nice to clear a project that's been sitting in the leadpile for ages.