Saturday, 3 March 2012


Philip's ongoing interest in Warhammer 40K is rubbing off on his poor old father. I've had a soft spot for the Tau since seeing the launch of the range and the new Devilfish at Games Day many years ago, and now I have an excuse to indulge this particular interest. The Tau are going to be "daddy's army". I picked up a squad of Fire Warriors on Ebay last week - 12 plus ten Kroot for less than a tenner, and today the Fire Warriors are finished.


  1. I too am spending vast amounts of time painting up my son's 40k figs - in my case they are Salamander SMs.

    I too love the Tau but will go the way of Chaos for my own army I think...

  2. Nice. And if the local shop where you game is anything like so many shops I've seen, he will be one of the few kids with painted miniatures!

  3. Very good sir, my young un has got me doing the same but in our case its Necrons....